About Norman
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Unquestionably Qualified To Represent Enid In The State House!

  • *Former Enid City Prosecutor
  • *Former Enid Director of Code     Administration
  • *Former two (2) term Mayor of   Enid
  • *Former Special District Judge
  • *Lawyer for 46 years
  • *Former professor at Phillips  University
  • *Current professor at  Northwestern Oklahoma State  University-Enid
  • *Current professor at NOC-Enid
  • *Current mediator/arbitrator in  his business, Dispute Solutions of Enid
  • *Currently Of Counsel to the law firm of Long, Claypole and Blakley in Enid

Norman has represented Enid and its people and has advocated for their interests in various capacities for 46 years. He has also been an educator at the college level for 18 years.

As Mayor, he protected Vance from closure three (3) times during base closure cycles, lowered the city sales taxes, helped create over 2500 jobs in Enid, built the NWOSU-Enid campus and left the City with a 7 million dollar surplus.

As a Special Judge, he rendered decisions in an estimated 40,000 cases and was a workhorse at the courthouse in protecting the legal rights of Enid citizens. He also served as adult and juvenile drug court Judge.

He was the first City Prosecutor and Director of Code Administration in the history of Enid.

He has taught thousands of college students at the College and Universities in Enid Business Law, Real Estate, Labor/Management Relations, Employment Law, Personal Finance and American National Government.

A few years ago, the City of Enid tried to demolish Convention hall, an Enid landmark. Norman joined with former City manager, Tom Sailors, Jr. to form Friends of Convention Hall to preserve that part of Enid's history. Within days, over 5,000 signatures of Enid residents were obtained on a petition objecting to the City's proposal. The City backed off and decided to invest 9 million dollars to re-purpose Convention Hall into what is now Central National Bank Conference Center, a facility that Enid can be proud of! This is just another example of how Norman has been active in making Enid a better place to live.

And, most recently, he has been helping attorneys and their clients settle their cases out of court through mediation and arbitration.

It would be difficult to find many other people in Enid with better qualifications to represent Enid and its people!


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